The complexities of modern society challenge us to find reason amidst uncertainty, and intensify our desire to seek truths about our existence. However, it is in Catholic faith teachings that we find hope and profound insight into our biggest questions and doubts about the state of the world. Faith calls us to humble ourselves and place our trust in God; for it is He who knows all, sees all, and loves us all beyond measure.

The mission of Catholic schools is to cultivate thoughtful and compassionate scholars who enter society with a strong sense of discipleship guided by love, faith and service. Our devoted teachers provide individual care and support to each student throughout the learning process, recognizing that no two journeys are alike. As children come into their own, they search for deeper meaning in their lives. Catholic schools are faith-based communities where young learners can explore questions about identity and purpose while strengthening their relationships with Jesus Christ. The true value of a Catholic education lies in its emphasis on educating the “whole child” - mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually. Students receive a holistic education through religious formation, character development and civic engagement.

All domains of child development are rooted in faith formation. This process begins early in a child’s life with parents. As primary educators of their children, they are responsible for establishing moral foundations guided by Catholic traditions. We, as formal educators, partner with parents to nurture spiritual growth by shepherding children in the exploration and discovery of God’s divine plan.

Our Catholic faith and values are reflected in every aspect of school culture. Students participate in the Sacraments, worship together during regularly scheduled Masses, learn about Catholic traditions, and begin each morning in sacred silence with prayer. Each of our schools honor liturgical and paraliturgical celebrations where children are encouraged to experience the presence of Christ and to relate the teachings of the Gospel to their daily lives. All middle school students are expected to contribute their time and talents to the disadvantaged in off-campus areas throughout their local communities. By performing God’s corporal works of mercy, students gain awareness of real world issues and learn to recognize the dignity of all people in God’s kingdom. Visible throughout campus, religious symbols remind us to turn our hearts toward God so that His will may be done through us.

A Catholic education is an extraordinary opportunity for children to develop within a safe and nurturing environment that not only challenges them academically, but also enriches them spiritually. When graduates pass through our doors, they emerge with a solid educational foundation, and a deeper commitment to faith, family and community. Catholic schools produce grateful servants who strive to reflect Gospel values in their words, thoughts and deeds. Above all, we aspire to develop judicious leaders who, in giving the best of themselves to serve their families and their communities, understand that every action they commit is for the greater glory of God.