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Diocese of Sacramento

Diocese of Sacramento


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Bishop William K. Weigand

Feed My Lambs

Bishop Emeritus
William K. Weigand





11/22/08   A final word of appreciation
11/1/08   Sincere thanks to one and all
10/4/08   Stepping down so as to step up to new opportunities
9/6/08   Proposition 8 and 'Humanae Vitae' at 40
8/2/08   Taking advantage of the Year of St. Paul
6/21/08   Keep God in your vacation plans
5/17/08   The Holy Spirit as source of spiritual life and power
4/19/08   As living stones, we confront life with hope
3/22/08   Christ’s Easter victory becomes our victory
3/8/08   Accompanying Jesus on the Way of the Cross
2/16/08   A time to get real: our flaws, God’s mercy
2/2/08   On the way to life in Christ Jesus
1/5/08   Diocesan finances: The rebuilding begins
12/15/07   The Word became flesh and dwelt among us
11/17/07   In Thanksgiving for manifold blessings
11/3/07   Growth in commitment to Christian stewardship
10/20/07   The Sisters of Mercy: 150 years in Sacramento
10/6/07   Continuing the campaign in defense of human life
9/15/07   Passing on the faith: Both privilege and challenge
9/1/07   Labor Day: Recommitment to immigration reform
8/18/07   Saints as role models for today — for young and old
8/4/07   Diocesan youth gather together — with Jesus
7/7/07   God begins a good work, brings it to fulfillment
6/16/07   Four new deacons: One step away from priesthood
6/2/07   The Ascension and Pentecost brought Easter to its climax
5/19/07   On receiving Holy Communion worthily
5/5/07   The Holy Eucharist – the Easter sacrament par excellence
4/21/07   Christ's Easter victory provides us ongoing forgiveness
4/7/07   Easter opens the floodgates of God's mercy
3/24/07   Gazing upon Christ at the pinnacle of Lent
3/3/07   How and why the church tries to assist immigrants
2/17/07   Transitioning from the Baptism of the Lord to Lent
2/3/07   'We have journeyed together as one' -Bishop Richard J. Garcia
1/20/07   Church finances: Sound and accountable?
1/6/07   Bishop Garcia goes to Monterey – leaves a void
12/9/06   Sacramentals enrich the Advent-Christmas time
11/18/06   Carrying our deceased loved ones with us
11/4/06   The communion of saints: A common call to holiness
10/21/06   Diocesan Synod is like a 'second spring'
10/7/06   Storming heaven for the final Synod session
9/16/06   Growing in and handing on the faith
9/2/06   How might St. Patrick and Our Lady address immigration?
8/19/06   Cristo Rey — a new high school that works
8/5/06   Mount Thabor and us: From glory to glory
7/1/06   Ascending to Mount Sinai to experience the Rising Son
6/17/06   The Eucharist: memorial, present grace, future glory
6/3/06   Pentecost: Are Catholics born-again Christians?
5/20/06   In the footsteps of Jesus, prophets and saints
5/6/06   Confirmation: Enlivened by the Holy Spirit
4/15/06   First wintnesses to the resurrection of Jesus
4/1/06   God ever rich in mercy: A year in review
3/18/06   Preparing for the outpouring of God's mercy
3/4/06   Give me this living water
2/18/06   Overview of diocesan financial realities
2/4/06   Feed my lambs, Shepherd my people
1/21/06   Evaluating our progress on the Synod journey
1/7/06   Are parents the first vocation directors?
12/10/05   There's much more than meets the eye
11/19/05   Our restored Cathedral: radiant, magnificent, awe-inspiring
11/5/05   For 25 years enveloped in the mystery and ministry of bishop
10/15/05   Synod mandates vocation awareness
10/1/05   Life is precious: A new awareness
9/17/05   Katrina and the triumph of the cross
9/3/05   'That the surpassing power may be of God'
4/9-8/20/05   Bishop Weigand's column was suspended while he recuperated from liver transplant surgery (see story)
3/19/05   Holy Week and Easter: Ascent, descent, and resurrection
3/5/05   The meaning and power of salvific suffering
2/19/05   The sacrament of penance is a sacrament of healing
2/5/05   Lent: Ascent to the holy mountain of Easter
1/22/05   Synodal Pastoral Directives promulgated on Jan. 9
1/8/05   Week of Christian Unity — Jan. 18-25
12/11/04   When Christ is formed in us, Christmas is fulfilled in us
11/20/04   A time of expectation, rededication, obligation
11/6/04   Homily of the opening Mass of the diocesan synod
10/16/04   'The Holy Spirit will inspire this Syndoal body'
10/2/04   Come Holy Spirit, come
9/18/04   The church is called to a spirituality of communion
9/4/04   Evangelizing in a diverse and changing world
8/21/04   Parishes — interrelated and mutually supportive
8/7/04   The parish is preeminently an altar community
7/3/04   The family as the 'domestic church'
6/19/04   When should one abstain from receiving Communion?
6/5/04   Parents' role in handing on the faith is a 'ministry'
5/22/04   A report from the threshold of St. Peter's
5/8/04   Will we have enough priests and religious in the future?
4/24/04   Victorious new life through suffering and dying
4/10/04   An Easter People's Joy: The Lord is Risen, Alleluia
3/27/04   Accompanying Jesus to Jerusalem and the Cross
3/6/04   Lent is a season of spiritual renewal
2/21/04   Lenten Regulations and Admonitions for 2004
2/7/04   Ecumenical efforts: 'My Peace I Give You.'
1/24/04   Gratitude for 10 years as Bishop of Sacramento
1/10/04   A look back at 2003, and ahead to 2004
12/13/03   Longing for Christ: Come, Lord Jesus
11/15/03   A grateful people acknowledges its blessings
11/1/03   Directives for First Penance and First Communion
10/18/03   25th anniversary of Pope John Paul II
10/4/03   Virtues needed to live the Gospel of Life
9/20/03   Passing on the Faith — Preparing for the Synod
9/6/03   More on the benefits of Natural Family Planning
8/23/03   Natural family planning fosters emotional and spiritual growth
8/9/03   'Humanae Vitae,' Of Human Life: 35 years later
7/5/03   Penance and Eucharist are closely linked
6/21/03   Corpus Christi — The Church of the Eucharist
6/7/03   The Holy Spirit as a fountain of Living Water within us
5/17/03   What's a Catholic politician to do?
5/3/03   The Eucharist is closely linked to Christ's Easter Victory
4/19/03   The radical and dramatic paradox of Easter
4/5/03   Joyfully welcoming new Catholics into our way: Seeking those wandering astray
3/22/03   Dying to self so that new life might blossom
3/8/03   Lent: With Jesus to the Cross and to Easter
2/22/03   Ash Wednesday, March 5: Regulations and Admonitions for Lent
2/8/03   More on January 22nd and Abstaining from Communion
1/25/03   Msgr. Kavanagh on target with Gov. Davis
1/11/03   Vocations: A positive picture, but more needed
12/21/02   The All Powerful Word Leaped Down from Heaven
12/7/02   The Rosary can prepare us for the Advent of Jesus
11/16/02   Modest changes in liturgical norms due December 1
11/2/02   Congratulations for success of Capital Endowment Campaign
10/20/02   Parish Survey: Nearly 63,000 responded
10/5/02   Christians of the Holy Land need our help
9/21/02   Forming young people in faith: A critical challenge
9/7/02   Sept. 11: By Your Cross You Have Redeemed the World
8/24/02   Good news and blessings
7/6/02   'Charter for the protection of children and young people'
6/15/02   From listening sessions to Bishops' meeting

Ordained to the ministerial priesthood of Christ

5/18/02   Further reassurance on sexual misconduct crisis
4/20/02   Strengthening parishes: another goal of diocesan campaign
4/6/02   Restoring our Cathedral: A mandate of history
3/23/02   Catholic education and Formation: A funding priority
2/23/02   Sexual misconduct — An intolerable abuse
2/9/02   The diocese must provide adaquately for retired priests
1/26/02   'Parish self-study: Everyone's input important
1/12/02   'Campaign Kick Off: Remarkable Generosity'
7/7/01   'We hold these truths to be self-evident'
6/16/01   Corpus Christi: In remembrance of the Lord
6/2/01   Pentecost: Outpouring of the Holy Spirit
5/19/01   Ascension: Integral part of the Paschal Mystery as reborn
4/21/01   Grappling with the Easter experience like those who came before us



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