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Schedule OF FEES


Pastors may request a waiver of fees if petitioner is unable to pay. Contact Cheryl Tholcke at (916) 733-0231 or  
Formal Case $600

The fee includes a non-refundable $150 registration fee paid when the case is submitted to the Tribunal. This fee covers the cost of the case regardless of the outcome (affirmative, negative, abated/closed, or renounced). If a case is closed or renounced before a decision is rendered, an additional fee will be assessed if/when a new case is opened.

Additional formal case(s) for the same person (includes the $150 non-refundable registration fee) $450
Psychological Expert $100
If a psychological expert is required for your case, an additional fee is required.  

Favor of the Faith Case


This fee includes a non-refundable $550 taxa paid to the Holy See.  
Pauline Privilege $175
Ligamen $175
Defect of Form $175
Lack of Form $50
Sanatio in Radice $25

Testimonial Letters

 Postage fees for international mail or

 expedited mail will be charge to petitioner.

No Fee

Dispensation from Form $25
Dispensation from Cult $10
Permission for Marriage of Mixed Religion $10

Method(s) of Payment
Check, cash, or money order (we are unable to accept debit or credit cards).


After the initial deposit ($150) is made for a formal case, petitioners may pay their balance at their own rate. They will receive periodic statements reflecting amoung paid and amount due. Full payment is expected by the time the case is completed, regardless of outcome.