Third Diocesan Synod

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Bishop William K. Weigand convoked the Synod August 3, 2003 on the steps of the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacramento, opening the planning and preparation of this historic event while also formally closing the doors of the 117-year-old Cathedral for restoration.   



Synod Historical BookletWhile the fruits of the Synod were many, Bishop Weigand describes the eight pastoral initiatives (Iniciativas Pastorales del Sínodo) as a “collective whole,” which serves the Church significantly. Clearly, when viewed independently, the initiatives define and elevate worthy priorities deserving of far-reaching attention and action among deaneries, parishes and the faithful for years to come.  Yet, the initiatives in their totality also must be celebrated as an inspired outcome of the local Church, providing new vision and renewed hope for a dynamic Church and its faithful who seek to glorify God, serve Jesus Christ, and respond to the Holy Spirit.

“The Synod conclusions suggest ways to meet the needs of our multi-cultural Church and to accept the call to hand on the faith; key to this effort is the family, the “domestic church.”  The Synod also invites us to continue on a path of collaborative ministry and shared responsibility. Likewise, it calls us to serve the poor and disenfranchised and to advocate for social justice.”

Bishop William K. Weigand

Central to the effective implementation of the Synod initiatives and vision is the collaborative effort of the deans and deaneries throughout the Diocese of Sacramento.


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