Third Diocesan Synod

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Logo and Explanation

About the Logo


The Diocesan Synod logo brings together several images to represent the vastness and diversity of the Diocese. The natural wonders of the Diocese are encircled, symbolizing the mingling of the land and converging rivers in the twenty counties from the Oregon border, down through the Sierra Nevada and the Sacramento Valley, to Vallejo.


Snow-capped mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes and fields are landscapes as diverse and far-reaching as the Catholics who will come together at the synod, each responding to the call of the Holy Spirit.


The circle also represents the Eucharist resting on the chalice and symbolizes its centrality in the lives of the Catholic faithful.

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To download the Synod logo, simply "Right Click" while your cursor is over the logo and then select "Save Picture As" to save the logo to your computer.