Third Diocesan Synod

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Synod Gathering

Opening Session

October 11-13, 2004
St. Isadore Parish, Yuba City


More than 400 Synod members of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento “journeyed together” for the Diocese’s third Synod in its history. Convening in Yuba City’s St. Isidore Church, members participated in this sacred gathering to offer assistance to the diocesan bishop, Most Reverend William K. Weigand. Synod gathering in Yuba CityMany were inspired by the peacefulness and prayerful atmosphere, and genuine respect that was evident through the proceedings.


After three days of prayer, reflection, dialogue and discernment, members brought forth seven recommendations for Bishop Weigand’s consideration:



Prayer Contest


Over 500 students entered a writing contest and composed Synod prayers at the Invitation of the Diocesan Pastoral Council. Here, we share the eight winning prayers of students conveying the faith journey in Christ.



In grateful appreciation


As a token of appreciation, Bishop Weigand and Auxiliary Bishop Richard Garcia presented Synod members with Andrei Rublev’s icon of the Holy Trinity.



Members also were given The Trinity Crucifix medal in mass quantities to bring home to their respective parish communities. The Crucifix, likewise, is a gift to all the people of the Diocese of Sacramento, commemorating the Bishops’ Ad Limina visit to Rome in May 2004.